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Hello! My name is a Hawi, I am a professional guitar teacher and guitarist based in Camden, London, helping students of all learning abilities to develop their guitar playing.

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Hawi Gondwe Guitar Teacher
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Hawi Gondwe
Professional Teacher

Welcome to Guitar Lessons London! My name is Hawi Gondwe, and I am a professional guitar teacher based in Camden, London, (though I can travel to my students) teaching guitar to students of all ages and abilities.

I am a very passionate guitarist with 12 years teaching experience and almost 30 years experience of playing very many styles of popular music including Jazz and often at the highest level. I also have extensive experience as a performer, music educator, songwriter and composer.

I have taught, and continue to teach, as a visiting guitar tutor at various schools and colleges for over ten years in such schools as Westminster City School in 2014 and colleges such as Newham Sixth Form College from 2012 to now.

I cover a wide range of styles from acoustic folky fingerpicking and strumming to classic rock styles, pop, jazz, soul and funk both as a teacher and guitar player - this enables me to tailor my guitar lessons to my student's musical preferences.

I would be more than happy to teach you to play guitar if you are interested in rapidly advancing your learning with an intuitive ‘hands on’ approach based around your favourite songs and styles.

The amount of theory you are offered is up to you and the main focus will be on practical application and ‘playing to learn’. Lessons take an informal, fun approach where straight away we will look at playing the kind of music you wish to play and your own enthusiasm behind that becomes your engine for learning. This will be the case whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

“I started taking lessons from Hawi after I learned the basics from another guitar tutor. Hawi is a wonderful guitar tutor who tries to teach not only the techniques but also the soul of guitar playing. Rather than making the student play monotonous examples in textbooks, he teaches by drawing examples from actual songs and playing along so I can 'feel' how to play.”
– Chiaki, Islington

Alongside my teaching I am also a professional musician and I have performed with many great musicians over the years including artists like Amy Winehouse, below is a video of Amy Winehouse and I performing at the Mercury Music Awards in 2007:

I have plenty of teaching resources, equipment and guitars at my home studio so there is no need to bring your own instrument if that is inconvenient. I am prepared to travel to you for lessons but we would need to agree that on a different basis.

My lessons are currently priced at £20 per half hour and £30 per hour.

To book your first lesson, or to find out more about my guitar lessons, simply get touch by emailing info@guitarlessonslondon.com.

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